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HIL: Shrapnel Exploded 150 Metres in Front of Me

In 2014 my mother, sister and I went on holiday to Tel Aviv, Israel. My mother chose to take us to Israel, as she had previously resided there for five years in her younger days and wanted to show my sister and I the Israeli culture. One of the main reasons why this trip stood out to me is we arrived when Israel’s 2014 conflict with Gaza began. On the first day, we decided to go to the beach and some shrapnel of a missile exploded in the sea around 150 metres in front of me. Continue reading →

HIL: Learning Outside the Classroom

This is the first instalment in a new series entitled 'How I Learn', which will focus on how the different ways people learn. When I was aged 14 I was involved in a school trip to Ypres, Belgium. This is my significant learning experience. Ypres has become a focal point for remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting in the First World War. The stand out experience of the day for me undoubtedly was a visit to a centre where trenches had been preserved. Continue reading →

Book Review – “Never Eat Alone”

  It was March 1st when I noticed ‘Never Eat Alone’ popping on my Amazon ‘suggested items’ feed. Honestly, I didn’t read the abstract or any comments, I just liked the picture on the cover and decided to give it a try. What a better time to start reading a book than midterm semester at University? I had so much work to do, that finally gave up and had a good stretch on the couch cuddling with a nice business book. Continue reading →

Boeing Take-Off

Ping into the email inbox on a Friday afternoon in late September comes a message from a colleague ‘Boeing has some unallocated money in its’ University Fund which it could give to Southampton for a compelling new project for the benefit of students. Do you have any ideas Stefan? We need a proposal from you by close of play today!’ Time to quickly scratch our heads and see how we could get Boeing on-board. Continue reading →