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Student Teachers on MANG1022

Another year, another guest lecture...hopefully it doesn't get any less exciting! Two weeks ago, trusty DigiChamps Tom Rowledge, Sarah Hewitt and Nic Fair and I all delivered a session on Digital Literacies to MANG1022. This was an interactive session, similar in many ways to the one last year, but also with an additional "Data-Gathering" dimension. I'll come on to the content in the session in a second, but it is important first to explain the context. Continue reading →

Digital Literacies Round Up

This is a slightly dual purpose blog post, but please do not be deterred, and instead read on…   If you are currently enrolled on MANG1022, you will be aware (or are now aware…) that you have a recently had a session with us, on Digital Literacies. The session was largely interactive, and involved you looking deeper into your own social media profiles to understand exactly what an “Online Identity” consists of. Continue reading →

Digital Literacies Session Preparation

  Hi all! Thank you as ever for reading this blog, and today I have just a short note about the session in the tutorial classes for MANG1022 next week. This session will be on Digital Literacies, or more specifically a practical enquiry into your online identity. Online identity is the general term used to describe all the data held about you, and viewable on you online. Continue reading →

Our Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your SBS Course!

  We thought it might be helpful to you if we gave you our top ten pieces of advice to make the most of your first year!  These are a mixture of course-related and extra-curricular related things.   1. Go to the Bunflight (on the 28th of September) during freshers week and get involved! It is the single best event to see the whole breadth of what societies and clubs the university hosts. Continue reading →

A summary…but by no means the end!

All of a sudden, it is all officially over. With about thirty minutes to spare before my plane takes off and I’ll be home once again, after a year I am able to say I have another place I can call home. Here are some of my reflections: This first year of Uni has been a challenging and exciting journey and it is undeniable that it has gone by perhaps too quickly. It seems like yesterday that Fresher’s Week had begun. It all felt so different, so new. Continue reading →

The Closing Session of MANG1017

Hi all! Hopefully you all enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend, especially now free from exams! (Did someone say Jesters' Cider Festival? No? How about Common People? Oceana?!) Whatever you did we hope you enjoyed it! Continuing with our reflective tone of late, here is a summary from Andrea on the final session of module MANG1017 ******** On the 12th of May we took part in the last session of our first year at University of Southampton. Exactly, took part, not went to. Continue reading →

ILIAD VLE Awards 2016

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to attend the University of Southampton's Institute for Learning, Innovation and Development Awards Ceremony for Excellence in use of VLE's. This is held to recognise modules across all disciplines and levels which make excellent use of VLE systems, including Blackboard, module blogs and Social Media channels. From 246 applications in total, staff from the Business School had three modules included among the 26 shortlisted for two different awards. Continue reading →

Unitu Feedback Software Report

Hi All! Attached is a report from a recent meeting reviewing the potential to bring a different type of feedback software - Unitu - into Southampton! You'll see some student comments in the report, but if anyone has anything to add after reading this please don't hesitate to get in touch via the comments below! Thanks! In addition to this, we have recently been made aware that iSolutions are doing a software sweep of all faculties in the University. Continue reading →