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Google Tax Deal: An Explanation

An explanation of the Google Tax Deal   In recent days and weeks, a fair deal of news coverage has been given to the Google tax deal made with the government of this country. The deal, to pay money to the government in tax, has been highly controversial for a number of reasons that this article attempts to explain. Firstly, it is important to explain the basic terms of the deal. Continue reading →

Capitalism: A very brief Summary

Capitalism Everyone enrolled on the business management course presumably has a desire to attain a business management role, whether it be public or private sector, as a career. The only reason this is possible is due to the fact that the UK, as with much of the western developed world, is an example of a Capitalist society. In a nutshell, this is where the private sector generally controls the economic sector through making trade for profit, rather than control from the state. Continue reading →