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A Welcome from the Editor

  I’d like to personally welcome all of our new colleagues joining us this week at the University of Southampton, especially those who are joining us in the Business School! I’d like to take this chance to introduce you to the Studying Business at Southampton Blog, where everyone will have a chance, and be actively encouraged, to contribute to. The blog was started last year, as an initiative of the Business Programmes Co-Design Group and, as such, has a large student focus. Continue reading →

Our Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your SBS Course!

  We thought it might be helpful to you if we gave you our top ten pieces of advice to make the most of your first year!  These are a mixture of course-related and extra-curricular related things.   1. Go to the Bunflight (on the 28th of September) during freshers week and get involved! It is the single best event to see the whole breadth of what societies and clubs the university hosts. Continue reading →

International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

With the new academic year on its way I was lucky to fit in another conference last week. It was the 3rd International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, hosted by the University of Southampton at the Winchester Campus. A few weeks ago The Economist announced on its cover the coming of Uberworld. Uber, the taxi service app is now worth $60 billion and is the world's most valuable start-up. Continue reading →

RAISE Conference on Student Engagement 2016

Another month, another conference, anyone would think we hadn’t had a summer holiday here in the Co-Creation Group! I’m only joking of course, we have all very much enjoyed our summers, and we hope that those joining us for the first, and those returning to Southampton have also enjoyed theirs. Fresh from the beaches, Tom Rowledge, Sam Phelps and I made the long journey from Bournemouth to Loughborough to give a presentation at the RAISE conference on Student Engagement. Continue reading →

How sci fi-inspired innovation treads a fine line between dystopia and utopia

Hi all! Hope you're having a good summer. You may have noticed reading this post today, that is it classified under "From the Web". This is a new section for us, where we are republishing articles we think are interesting or relevant, under the Creative Commons License. We hope this will provoke discussion, and help you discover new sources of material. Enjoy the first article, selected and recommended by Dr Mark Gatenby! **** The race is on to bring a jetpack to market. Continue reading →

A summary…but by no means the end!

All of a sudden, it is all officially over. With about thirty minutes to spare before my plane takes off and I’ll be home once again, after a year I am able to say I have another place I can call home. Here are some of my reflections: This first year of Uni has been a challenging and exciting journey and it is undeniable that it has gone by perhaps too quickly. It seems like yesterday that Fresher’s Week had begun. It all felt so different, so new. Continue reading →