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Tom Davidson: BCUR17!

Last week was a very busy week for Co-Design, with a trip to Exeter Change Agents network, and this week built on that! In total 5 members of the group attended the British Conference on Undergraduate research in Bournemouth, and another 4 attended the Chartered Association of Business School’s conference in Bristol. Tom Rowledge and I attended the Bournemouth conference for both days, and we were joined by Stephanie and Aressma on Tuesday and by Sam on Wednesday. Continue reading →

Stephanie and Aressema: BCUR17!

The conference at Bournemouth University was a great experience to interact with a vast majority of people from all over the UK and some as far as Dubai. It was heavily student-based so it gave us the opportunity to engage in conversations with like-minded people. There was quite an exhilarating atmosphere that filled the place and we couldn't wait to get started. Continue reading →

One Young Bath: Preview

Tom and I always seem to make most of our trips at the end of term, and this is no exception! On Saturday we'll be heading to One Young Bath. This is a really exciting event which we are lucky enough to have been invited courtesy of Flo Broderick (an ex-DigiChamp no less!) The event is wide-ranging, with talks on a number of world issues and how young people can begin to look at and help solve these. Continue reading →

Student Teachers on MANG1022

Another year, another guest lecture...hopefully it doesn't get any less exciting! Two weeks ago, trusty DigiChamps Tom Rowledge, Sarah Hewitt and Nic Fair and I all delivered a session on Digital Literacies to MANG1022. This was an interactive session, similar in many ways to the one last year, but also with an additional "Data-Gathering" dimension. I'll come on to the content in the session in a second, but it is important first to explain the context. Continue reading →

Digital Literacies Round Up

This is a slightly dual purpose blog post, but please do not be deterred, and instead read on…   If you are currently enrolled on MANG1022, you will be aware (or are now aware…) that you have a recently had a session with us, on Digital Literacies. The session was largely interactive, and involved you looking deeper into your own social media profiles to understand exactly what an “Online Identity” consists of. Continue reading →

Digital Literacies Session Preparation

  Hi all! Thank you as ever for reading this blog, and today I have just a short note about the session in the tutorial classes for MANG1022 next week. This session will be on Digital Literacies, or more specifically a practical enquiry into your online identity. Online identity is the general term used to describe all the data held about you, and viewable on you online. Continue reading →

Social Media in Higher Education Conference

After a whirlwind week, submitting/doing almost all of my assignments, writing case studies and preparing an abstract for a summer conference, it was a relief when we passed the midpoint. This was not just because the weekend, and indeed the Christmas holidays were in sight, but because Tom and I would be travelling to Sheffield for the Social Media in Higher Education Conference late Thursday night, a conference we had been looking forward to for a large number of months. Continue reading →

RSA Talk: Political Turbulence and Social Media

Despite the many places I have been lucky enough to visit due to my involvement in the Co-Design project for the past year, I had not had the opportunity to visit London until now, so this trip was another exciting and new one. The other advantage of London, of course, was a less early start, making the walk through a slightly foggy Southampton for our 10:30 train all the more pleasant. Continue reading →