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Stefan’s Book Launch: Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management

It is sometimes said that writing a book is a bit like giving birth. Not having given birth I am not sure I can comment on that! What I do know is that the book becomes a little like a child you care about. You have invested time and effort and are keen to see it flourish and become useful. The good news is that a book I co-authored a few years ago is now being published in its’ second edition ( Lewis, S., Passmore,J. and Cantore,S. Continue reading →

Boeing Take-Off

Ping into the email inbox on a Friday afternoon in late September comes a message from a colleague ‘Boeing has some unallocated money in its’ University Fund which it could give to Southampton for a compelling new project for the benefit of students. Do you have any ideas Stefan? We need a proposal from you by close of play today!’ Time to quickly scratch our heads and see how we could get Boeing on-board. Continue reading →

MANG1017: Guest Speakers from Grant Thornton

Hi all! Welcome back to Southampton for the start of what I'm sure will be good productive term (how many of you have heard that in the past couple days I wonder...?). For MANG1017 students, and others who may be interested, this week is a particularly exciting one, as the University welcomes two key figures from Grant Thornton, one of the world's largest professional services network, centred around accountancy and consultancy. Continue reading →