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Book Review: Wonderland, by Steven Johnson

  Steven Johnson likes to take the long view. His latest book Wonderland: How play made the modern world is a long view of something we often consider to be short-term fun, inconsequential, and childish; that thing is play. This 297 page book, the latest in a series by Johnson on the history of innovative, is organised into six lengthy chapters: fashion and shopping, music, taste, illusion, games, and public space. Continue reading →

Book Review – Messy

You are about to give a major performance, and you discover that your tools are faulty. What do you do? Do you take to the stage and risk your hard-won reputation? Or do you cancel the event, preventing the risk of a substandard performance, but disappointing the audience? This was the dilemma jazz pianist Keith Jarrett faced in 1975 at the Cologne Opera House. Continue reading →

International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

With the new academic year on its way I was lucky to fit in another conference last week. It was the 3rd International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, hosted by the University of Southampton at the Winchester Campus. A few weeks ago The Economist announced on its cover the coming of Uberworld. Uber, the taxi service app is now worth $60 billion and is the world's most valuable start-up. Continue reading →

Reflection on Recent Conferences – Dr Mark Gatenby

Hi all! As we approach the end of what has been a massively busy term, we will be uploading a couple of reflective pieces about what we've been up to as a group. This is the first of them, written by the Programme Leader of BSc Business Management at the Business School, Dr Mark Gatenby. Hope you enjoy reading and learning more about our trips to various conferences! ****** It’s been a busy couple of months for the project and co-design group. Continue reading →