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Book Review: Accelerating Out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-growth Economy

  How do you, not just survive, but thrive in the aftermath of a recession where so many failed to do so? The subtitle of this book is what immediately jumped out at me when I pulled it off the library shelf. To be able to say this book provides an answer on how to win in a slow growth economy in just 202 pages is quite a claim considering the struggle of most businesses post-recession. Continue reading →

HIL: Learning Outside the Classroom

This is the first instalment in a new series entitled 'How I Learn', which will focus on how the different ways people learn. When I was aged 14 I was involved in a school trip to Ypres, Belgium. This is my significant learning experience. Ypres has become a focal point for remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting in the First World War. The stand out experience of the day for me undoubtedly was a visit to a centre where trenches had been preserved. Continue reading →

MWR: Containerization Changed the Business World Significantly

It is owing to globalization that as consumers we have billions of choice when it comes to the products we buy, ‘all products are everywhere in the world’ (Evans, 2012). Globalization is the process of world economies becoming increasingly integrated and interdependent on each other. During my research a common occurring theme was transport’s role in globalization. This then focused my inquiry towards containerization in shipping. Continue reading →