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HIL: My Entrepreneurial Journey

The world of business always fascinated me. The way businesses must keep seeking methods to chip away at costs like an F1 lap time where the smallest reduction can make the biggest difference. Efficiency and well thought out plans, the various techniques that can decide whether a business becomes an iconic giant, or a miserable failure and a case study of what not to do. Continue reading →

MWR: Who is Rich?

Exploring the theme of rich/poor proved to be an extremely interesting and eye-opening experience. I looked into various ideas of being ‘rich’ to get a broader view of the theme, finding wide-ranging answers including two teenagers involved in the London riots suggesting owning any business makes you rich (McClatchey, 2011), yet endless Google results insist we need ‘emotional wealth’ and teach others how to pursue it, for up to $CAD11,025 (Emotional Wealth Management Inc., N/A). Continue reading →