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Unitu Feedback Software Report

Hi All! Attached is a report from a recent meeting reviewing the potential to bring a different type of feedback software - Unitu - into Southampton! You'll see some student comments in the report, but if anyone has anything to add after reading this please don't hesitate to get in touch via the comments below! Thanks! In addition to this, we have recently been made aware that iSolutions are doing a software sweep of all faculties in the University. Continue reading →

Why Get Involved in the Business School

When someone says ‘university’, what is the first thing on your mind? The coursework? Nightlife? Perhaps the job opportunities it generates. Many people view their university years as a self-development period. However, not just academically. Taking full advantage of a universities facilities, events and connections can be of immense benefit. While studying at the University of Southampton, it is important to explore what it has to offer. Continue reading →