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Burying the Digital

Clay tablet (wikipedia) I am at Museums and the Web this week in Baltimore. I was sat next to @trinkermedia and we were talking enthusiastically about  the physical, tangible and the interactive digital (as usual). Over the last few years we have been digitising very large collections of cuneiform tablets and are mid way through developing an open source Reflectance Transformation Imaging web renderer that will allow interaction with these on mobile devices and desktops. Continue reading →

En route for Easter Island and a piece of Google’s doodle

Photogrammetry image of the statue featured in the Google doodle from 15 January 2014 (James Miles, ACRG) A century ago today, the Mana, an auxiliary schooner captained by Scoresby Routledge, stewarded by his wife Katherine and crewed by a collection of English seamen, fishermen, scientists and the odd Royal Navy lieutenant, had just been hauled up onto a floating deck in Talcahuano on the Chilean coast. They were nearly a year into their voyage. Continue reading →

SXSC Presentations: Virtual RTI

James Miles will outline the use of Reflectance Transformation Imaging - a simple and cheap surface imaging tool - on existing three dimensional datasets in a virtual environment. He will show some worked examples, and evaluate the potential of the methodology within cultural heritage. He will focus on comparing the different datasets and will highlight the surface detail that could be overlooked through conventional means of visualisation. Continue reading →