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#SxSC2 bio tag clouds

Here is a tag cloud representing many of the answers we received from the speakers at #SxSC. They were produced by Tom Frankland whose PhD forms part of the RCUK DE PATINA project: "I'm interested by whether tagclouds can be used to promote group awareness. On an archaeological site conversations occur in many forms, and over the last 10 years at Catalhoyuk, Turkey, archaeologists have been using diaries as a way to communicate with one another. Continue reading →

Creative Digifest #SXSC2 Speaker Profile: Danny Weston

Danny is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Greenwich funded by the RCUK DE project, applying Actor Network Theory to 'Bots'. He also has an interest in Floridi's 'Philosophy of Information' and 'Information Ethics', Computational epistemology and social media.  Whilst his academic background is in philosophy and politics he has also spent nearly a decade working in IT roles. Continue reading →