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Hacking the Notion of Cyber Security

Cyber security might have become a widespread term in public debate, government security arrangements as well as funding bodies' strategical directions but it has longer historical and cultural roots. The recent organisation of security and defence around the at times ephemeral seeming threats of "the cyber" is pitched as a necessary move to combat the security issues from other national bodies, and importantly from a range of non-governmental threats. Continue reading →

Cybersecurity Research Students and the Digital Economy

At the last DE lunch on 29 October 2012 Maire Evans, Dominic Hobson and Mu Yang spoke about their respective research activities in the area of Cybersecurity, co-ordinated via the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research. I thought that this offered a perfect example of multidisciplinary research in the Digital Economy and so I asked them to provide some collective thoughts on their research and working. Mu Yang is a fourth year Ph.D. Continue reading →

New Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security

Interested staff and students are invited to attend the launch of the GCHQ/EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence for Research in Cyber Security on Wednesday 11 July in 32/3077 (seminar room). The schedule is as follows: 12:30 Introduction - V. Sassone 13:00 CyberSecurity through (secure and anti-tamper) hardware (nano) devices - K. De Groot and W. Redman-White 13:15 Software-based CyberSecurity - M. Butler and G. Continue reading →