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The Future of Technology in Education #FOTE11

Key takeaways for me from a great day at Future of Technology in Education (#FOTE11) at the University of London yesterday: There was angst from the IT department as the ever increasing consumerisation of technology challenges creaking university systems and a too prevalent culture of ā€˜computer says noā€™. It is more productive for staff and students to collaborate and operate outside the system using free online tools (Google docs, Dropbox and Skype do the job perfectly well for me). Continue reading →

Book Review: The Digital Scholar by Martin Weller

Iā€™m sure that regular readers and contributors to Martinā€™s blog will be delighted with this book. Although he takes care to be objective throughout the text, its subtitle should read something like ā€˜wake up and smell the coffeeā€™. The real challenge will be getting the book onto the radar (and from there into the practice) of university staff who are still operating along more traditional lines despite massive environmental change. Continue reading →