Judith Clegg impresses at first Business Stories event

Judith Clegg discusses her fascinating and varied career with Lohan Presencer

Business Stories is a new series of lunchtime networking events with high profile speakers led by Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry of Sound.

I was particularly interested in attending this series of talks because I personally love hearing about the journey that successful business people have taken to get to the positions they’re in now.

Learning to code on a Tandy computer by her father at just 7 years old, Judith created some deep roots with technology at an early age. Originally her aspirations were that of an unusual kind, wanting to grow up to be a management consultant, but the entrepreneurial drive grew strong after a sudden family death. It made her begin to always question, “Are you ready to go? Have you done your best?” motivating her to push herself to achieve the best she could.

Being very much a part of the .com bubble, Judith walked us through companies she created and those she worked for, from Moonfruit to her latest initiative, Takeout. Judith’s biggest takeaway from all her experience appeared to be ‘kindness’, she greatly hopes for the future that “being kind will be considered cool” as she sees it as playing a key role in successful business workings.

During the popular Q&A (I can’t remember when I was last at an event and they had a never ending supply of hands in the air), someone asked Judith what advice she would give to the younger generations and future entrepreneurs:

  1. Remember kindness in business & in life
  2. Being astute and positive
  3. Access what makes you happy
  4. Network

It was a brilliant event and a huge thanks to Judith for taking the time to share her experiences and stories with us.

The next speaker in the Business Stories series is Gerard Grech, CEO of Tech City UK on 9th June. More information and tickets are available here.

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