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Creative Digifest #SXSC2 Speaker Profiles: Hugh Glaser

Hugh Glaser is Chief Architect at Seme4 Ltd., a company that specialises in Linked Data (Semantic Web/Web of Data). As such, he is a technology provider for a wide variety of industries - in fact it is hard to thing of any sector that has not shown an interest in finding out what Linked Data can do for it. In addition to general work and consultancy he is responsible for a number of significant practical activities in Linked Data: a) sameas. Continue reading →

Creative Digifest #SXSC2 Speaker Profiles: Alan Rae

This is the latest in our series of speaker and panelist profiles for the Creative Digifest. Dr Alan Rae, in his own words: I guess I have been a digital pioneer since we set up our first IT company in 1981. I’ve lived through the change from an analogue to a digital world (when I went to University we used mechanical calculators in the labs!) through word processing, computer aided design, e-commerce and social media and mobile working. Continue reading →

Creative Digifest #SXSC2 Speaker Profiles: Alan Patrick

This is the latest in ourseries of posts profiling the speakers and panelists at the Creative Digifest. Alan Patrick is the co-founder of Broadsight, which focuses on market intelligence, strategy and systems development across the multi-media ecosystem. Broadsight has consulted to many of the major digital-media players in Europe and has helped start or turn around a number of startups. They have also developed innovative technology for a number of clients. Continue reading →

Why you should come to the Creative Digifest

First published by Lorraine Warren on her blog There are over 100 bookings so far but we've still got a few places left for the Creative Digifest on 11th October. Some people have been asking what it's all about, so here goes…. WHAT IS IT? An event that brings together university staff, students, business people, inventors and entrepreneurs with an interest in the digital world and its impact on our lives – to inspire research, teaching and learning collaborations. Continue reading →