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Sabbatical Officer Sustainability Training

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

It is that time of year again, when the ever effective sustainability training of sabbatical officers takes place, and I am pleased to announce every Sabb (bar one- they will be trained in due course!) has ‘passed’ their sustainability training! The aim of the session was to improve the Sabbs’ existing knowledge and understanding of […]

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Food For Thought

By Imogen Dinham-Price |

As I move into the fifth week of my internship, I have truly begun to see how sustainability can really implement itself across whole faculties! One of my tasks has been to engage with the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practice and to start implementing it throughout the curriculum here at the University of Southampton. […]

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A year of sustainability action

By Julia Kendal |

2014/15 has been a busy year of action for sustainability at Southampton! Hundreds of students and staff have been involved in a diverse range of activities including: Joining with 250 people to switch off office equipment left on unnecessarily across four different campuses (in return for free hoodies and pizza!) at the Southampton Blackout. Free […]

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Southampton staff: win a 2015 Sustainability Action Award

By Julia Kendal |

The Sustainability Action Awards recognise staff at the University of Southampton making a difference, through your work or volunteering. If you’re giving of your spare time to volunteer at the university or in the community, then apply now for the 2015 awards. Launched in 2014, these annual awards are for students and staff, individuals and […]

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Calling all students…

By Julia Kendal |

Is one of your friends making a difference in their spare time? Is your dissertation tackling social or environmental challenges? If yes, you should be putting in an application for a Sustainability Action Award. The application process is quick and easy – you just need to complete the short application form, explaining what you are doing and […]

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Volunteering, significant life moments and fun

By Julia Kendal |

Last week Simon Kemp and I attended the 11th Annual Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, where we presented on the award-winning Blackout initiative and delivered a workshop on the sustainable development goals summit used during the interdisciplinary module, Sustainability in the Local & Global Environment. With three full days of discussions, workshops and talks, […]

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Shaping your university experience

By Julia Kendal |

On the 4th February Southampton students will have their opportunity to shape their university experience (over a free lunch!) at an event led by students for students. If you are: Passionate about education and volunteering Interested in social issues Concerned about the economy Curious about impacts on the environment then this event is for you. […]

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Sustainability Action Awards 2015 – coming soon!

By Julia Kendal |

The annual sustainability action awards were launched for the first time in 2014. Soon you will have another opportunity to apply for one of our awards which recognise student and staff dedication to sustainability. Why awards? We want to highlight and reward- the activities that you are already undertaking to have a positive impact on […]

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Sustainability doesn’t stop for Christmas!

By Julia Kendal |

With the end of term and the Christmas holidays fast approaching, it’s important to be thinking about the sustainability of this often consumer-focused holiday. Students on the interdisciplinary curriculum innovation module ‘Sustainability in the Local and Global Environment’ designed and produced films exploring different sustainability issues; these may help you navigate some of the sustainability […]

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What attracted me to the Sustainability Action internship programme?

By Bethany White |

What does sustainability mean to you? Sustainability is probably one of the most fashionable current buzzwords. Most of us will immediately conjure up images of everyday environmental issues – the most common of these being climate change, recycling, low energy use and general ‘greenness’. Indeed, these are very real issues which our generation faces. During […]

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