Feb 02

Science & Engineering Family Day

A couple weeks ago we launched a contest to see if we can fund
science day activities. 6 activities have been chosen, original brief
was for 2 but we found 6 that were related to impact. Congratulations
to the following:
1. Lenka Pitonakova & Seth Bullock: Project Name: ŒThe Hive Mind¹:
Decentralised construction in a form of a game by building rules for
2. Kirk Martinez: ŒErica & Internet of Things¹: Using Erica and
toy gadgets to demonstrate Web of Things research project aims. Rhino
and touch screen with demos.
3. Markus Luczak-Roesch & Ramine Tinati: ŒWhere does your internet
message go?¹ Understanding how quickly information is spread through
the web . This is related to the SOCIAM project. This stand will also
be promoting web safety.
4. Enrico Constanza & Mike Jewell: ŒHow Healthy is your House? Œ:
A variety of scenarios will be set up on the stand to affect
temperature (fan, heat etc) ­ visitors would move a sensor around to
see the affect and make decisions according to the temperature of the
situation. This is related to the ChariOT project.
5. Raied Al-Lashi & Steve Gunn: ŒHow can bubbles help you predict
the weather?¹ This tells us more about how bubbles can help us
understand climate, which is through determining their size distribution.
6. Wei Yung and Russell Torah: Wearable technology: touch sensors
on fabric.
We encourage you to attend the Science and Engineering Day on
Saturday 14 March with your family for an exciting day of science and engineering:

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