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Modules – add-ons – hats

The following modules have been bought to go with the Raspberry Pis:

BerryClip -> 6 LED Buzzer Board

Adafruit RGB//Blue&White 16×2 LCD + Keypad Kit

Trust Webcam

Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Servo Motors, using Gertboard

Geekroo Clockatoo Board

TMP102 Temperature Sensor

Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor

LedBorg – Ultra Bright RGB LED add-on board

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Adafruit RGB/BLue&White LCD Display

1) Overview   This Adafruit plate makes it easy to use a 16×2 Character LCD. Unfortunately, these LCDs do require quite a few digital pins, 6 to control the LCD and then perhaps another 3 to control the RGB backlight for a total of 9 pins. That’s nearly all the GPIO available on a Raspberry …

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Berry Clip

BerryClip 6 LED Add-on Board Instructions The BerryClip is a simple, cheap and easy to use add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. It plugs directly onto the Pi’s GPIO header and provides 6 coloured LEDs, 1 Buzzer and 1 Switch. It can be controlled using any programming language that can manipulate the GPIO pins. Raspberry …

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Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Firstly, follow this short video on how to attach the Camera Board onto the Raspberry Pi: Please note that the camera can be damaged by static electricity. Before removing the camera from its grey anti-static bag, please make sure you have discharged yourself by touching an earthed object (e.g. a radiator or water tap). …

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