PANFeed feature roll out

Some of you may be wondering what happened to PANFeed Journals and Issues that we mentioned back in November. Well we have been quietly working away on them. Today we released the newest PANFeed. New features include user accounts, and with user accounts you can create Journals and Issues. We have done a fair bit of testing and trying out of different models and broadly the model has been well received. Journals allow you to take a much more hands off approach to managing your news where as issues give you a much greater level of control. I’d like to thank William Nixon, Les Carr and the students from the Web Science DTC who have been playing about with it and coming up with some use cases.

Another side affect of get all of this sorted is our Google Code is finally upto date with the latest source. Sorry for not pushing for long I promise to be better moving forward. PANFeed is not feature complete (as if anything every could be) but its got a lot of tools and tricks that we think will be useful moving forward. A few things on my personal to do list are:

  • Add a public and private  element to Journals and Issues, so that you can keep the bits you are working on hidden away.
  • Add the ability to delete journals and issues.
  • Do make a release of the new version of PANFeed which is trivial to install.
  • Make a tutorial video explaining how Journals and Issues work and talking about the use cases.

Please pop along and try out the new PANFeed and let us know if you have any problems.

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