User Stories

One of the outputs of interviewing the stakeholders was that we have developed some user stories to describe the thoughts of the stakeholders.  A user story takes the following form:

“As a <role>, I want <goal/desire>
so that <benefit>”

As you can see, it states who the user is, what they want to be able to do and the reason for wanting that.

Below are our collection of user stories developed for the student dashboard.  It is a work in progress, so we will add more and amend them as we validate them with the stakeholders.

“As a <role>, I want <goal/desire>
so that <benefit>”

“As a tutor, I want to see a photo of my tutee
so that I can recognise who I am meeting”

“As a senior tutor, I want to access mobile telephone numbers
so that I can contact students that have gone AWOL”

“As a tutor/senior tutor, I want to see my tutee’s exam and coursework marks
so that I can support and advise them appropriately.”

“As a tutor, I want to see my tutee’s mitigating circumstances
so that I can ensure they are taken into account on the exam board.”

“As a senior tutor, I want to see my e-mail communications with a student
so that I have context for our meetings.”

“As a student, I want to know see my predicted degree grading
so that I am aware of my current performance.”

“As front desk staff in student services, I want quick access to all of a student’s data
so that I can deal with their inquiry immediately.”

“As a careers advisor, I want to know the course title, length of that course and which year a student is in
so that I know whether to offer advice on getting a summer placement, or applying for jobs.”

“As front desk staff in student services, I want to know a student’s alternative contact e-mail address
so that I can communicate with them prior to their enrolment, or while they are suspended.”

“As a member of faculty student services, I want to see a student’s timetable
so that I can tell them where they need to be when they ask.”

“As a tutor I wish to see a list of engagement indicators for each of my tutees. Indicators such as Attendance, Coursework Hand-in, Induction attendance, etc. Along with some straight forward factual info like A level marks, and marks obtained so far.  This is an “early warning indicator” so that I can spot troubles as early as possible.”

Indeed if you have any comments or suggestions for user stories, please add them below, though we will have to compare them to the feedback we have had from our stakeholders.

I am a teaching fellow in Electronics and Computer Science, teaching modules on the Computer Science degree, Information Technology in Organisations degree and Engineering Foundation Year. I studied my undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Southampton, and loved it enough to stick around :-) My research is in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning, including methods of adapting teaching resources to the student and novel approaches to teaching programming.

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