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Grade One-A-Thon

Student support for music therapy

Our first-ever Grade One-a-thon was a sponsored activity with proceeds going to charity. The students selected local music therapy charity Key Changes to receive the donation, and this week our intrepid organiser Catherine Underhill received a wonderful letter of thanks from music therapist Beccy Read - shared here for all the students who took part. Continue reading →

On the way to Grade 1

Catherine Underhill (year 3) gives us a mid-year update on MuSoc's new project, in which Music students are being sponsored to achieve ABRSM grade 1 in a brand-new instrument: The Grade One-a-thon is going very well so far and some big steps forward have been made! First of all, the Music Department generously lent us enough money to purchase one copy per candidate for us all to have before the Christmas period. Continue reading →

Grade One-a-thon – getting started!

Catherine Underhill (year 3) is organising a new activity through the student Music Society:  You’re probably thinking: what on earth is a Grade One-a-thon? Well, it’s what it says on the tin - a chance for anyone to get involved, learn a new instrument and ultimately reach grade one standard within a short time. Just before the summer holidays began, I was speaking to a few friends in my year group about setting this up as a Music Society project. Continue reading →