New recordings for new music

Associate Professor in Composition Matthew Shlomowitz tells us more about his new CD, which made the Wire magazine’s top 10 of 2018 for Modern Composition :
In July 2018, a CD of my works appeared in a batch of releases on the newly formed All That Dust label. The other recordings feature  Aisha Orazbayeva and Mark Knoop performing Feldman; Lore Lixenberg singing Nono; Juliet Fraser singing Babbit; and cellist Severine Ballon performing her own compositions (I recommend all the releases, but this one is particularly exciting to me!). My CD features three of my pieces that combine instrumental music with recordings of recognisable sound, performed by the ensemble asamisimasa from Norway.
The CD has been reviewed by a number of magazines and bloggers, with a mixture of positive, middling and negative responses, which has been interesting, flattering and challenging to read. Some have suggested my works are surrealist, cubist and absurdist, which isn’t quite how I’d ever thought of it, but makes good sense. I’m particularly pleased that the CD placed 5th in the top 10 releases in 2018 for the Modern Composition category in the Wire magazine, perhaps the most important international publication dealing with exploratory contemporary music across improvised, electronic and notated contexts.
Here is a really nice review from an Australian magazine – with the strapline ‘Shlomowitz turns the everyday into the weird and wonderful’: