Will Champion from Coldplay visits the Music Department!

Two of our first year Music students, Martina Stramaccioni and James Needs, reflect on a recent visit to the Department by Coldplay drummer Will Champion.

“I found Will Champion’s visit a humbling experience. It was unbelievable that a musician as successful and well respected as him had taken time out of his busy schedule and come talk to us young musicians in person. As students, embarking upon our own musical journeys, the talk was inspiring. The advice he shared and his perspective on life within the music industry were really interesting . Despite feeling half in shock and awe to be in such proximity to someone I personally admire very much, I sincerely enjoyed his positive approach alongside his touching words but most of all his musical passion still intact after so many years of music making.”

“It was amazing to have someone from the top of the industry, in the height of their career, come and talk to us about his experience in music and how they’ve achieved what they have in Coldplay. Will was so engaging to watch and listen to and the things he talked about from his early days felt really relevant to us. It was really inspiring for myself, who is in the early days of a band and a career in music, to see what can be achieved in person and learn about how the band got themselves to where they are now.”

You can read an official news item about Will Champion’s visit on the University news page: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/news/2017/11/will-champion.page