Last month in jazz and pop

Our head of jazz and pop performance, Thomas Seltz, reports on October events:

MusDep.MuSoc.2.30:10:201430 October: In the first of four events organised in partnership between MuSoc (the Student Union Music Society) and the Music Department, the new generation of entertainers took to the stage of Talking Heads and delighted the crowds with their beautiful songs and youthful energy.


On 24 October, the jazz performance class had a visit from Tim Garland. This award wining saxophonist and composer has illuminated the UK music scene for 20 years, as well as being an integral part of Chick Corea’s globe-trotting band for the past 14 years.


Tim took the time to meet with our jazz students prior to his sell-out show at Turner Sims that night. He discussed his eventful life and progress as a musician, traveling and performing around the world. Tim also performed for the students and gave performance and composition advice.

Tim Garland with jazz and pop students in Turner Sims
Tim Garland with jazz and pop students in Turner Sims
Dave Bitelli, Tim Garland, and Dan Mar-Molinero

Also present were members of staff Dan Mar-Molinero and Dave Bitelli, all jazz saxophone experts and long acquaintances of Tim. The three posed together to mark the event.