Nuffield launch

Andy Fisher and David Owen Norris (channeling Billy Mayerl, stripey jacket and all)

Last Wednesday we had an event to mark the opening of the newly-refurbished Nuffield theatre Kitchen, a café space that is housing the lovely Brinsmead baby grand that was given to us in the autumn.  Andy Fisher, our head of commercial composition, played Gershwin and accompanied postgraduate singer Lizzie Rogers in a sneak preview of some of the songs from his new one-woman show, Girl in a Crisis.  And head of keyboard David Owen Norris provided a stunning tour of the music of Billy Mayerl, who turns out to have spent some time in Southampton in the 1920s learning his trade in a hotel band.   We hope this will be the first of a new series of informal performances in the Kitchen – we’ll post details on the events listings of our main website.