Bristol Performance for Matthew Shlomowitz

Lecturer in Composition Matthew Shlomowitz tells us about an upcoming performance:

bristolI will travel to Bristol on 23 February 2014 for a newly arranged version of my piece Avant Muzak which is scored for seven instruments and sampler keyboard. The work will be performed at the Colston Hall by the Bristol Ensemble alongside works by Tansy Davies as part of a weekend of events co-ordinated by New Music Bristol.

My work is 16 minutes long and comprises of five movements that all feature the same simple chord progression; in each movement the chord progression is presented with various sound recordings and explored in a variety of ways to reveal different perspectives. I’m also looking forward to hearing the MusikFabrik and Christian Wallumrød Ensemble concerts late that day; Christian is a friend of mine and a terrific composer and MusikFabrik is performing the UK premiere of Harry Partch’s And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma, which I have always wanted to hear performed live.

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