“I have a brain!” (said the Scarecrow)… by Andy Crawford

I have a brain! I mean I’ve always had a brain but now courtesy of Dr Samantha Brooks and her team, I have proof! I was a “healthy” volunteer for her study investigating addiction and so went over to the CUBIC centre at Tygerberg Hospital to have an MRI scan. It has been fascinating to learn about the different approaches used to improve our understanding of psychiatric disorders and definitely one of the main positives for me coming out here.

Despite plans to dive with sharks and jump out of a plane at 10,000ft, my nerves are currently being occupied by my upcoming seminar. I was kindly invited to speak at the lunch-time Human Genetics Series and so will be “entertaining” my audience about my EUSARNAD experience as well as my PhD work on predicting antidepressant-induced adverse effects. Fingers crossed it goes well!