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Since our 21st September meeting, as well as continuing our work on characterising metadata usage with Annalist and developing our documentation of the active metadata concept and how we might produce appropriate guidance, we have submitted two Practice Papers and a Workshop proposal to the IDCC16 conference, 22-25 February 2016.

We have high hopes that our proposed workshop, Metadata in action, will not only engage participants with the CREAM project and its objectives but also give them an entertaining and rewarding experience. The audience will participate in discussions and hands-on activities, using both sound art and science, to explore the nature, generation, capture, curation and uses of active metadata for research. Activities include ear cleaning, sound waking and lego brick hacking.

One of the Practice Papers that we have submitted is entitled Using metadata actively and is about the concept and what we hope to achieve. The other paper is more forward-looking, exploring a novel mechanism for recognising and rewarding the effort involved in data curation, which could be an important consideration in realising the benefits of recording and sharing process and the underlying decisions.

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