Challenging questions and ethical obligations: the ethics of everyday practice > 21 January 2015

Sarah Barclay


Resolving conflicts between families and health professionals: a practical approach

This workshop will begin with a short group discussion of different cases participants have experienced, and their impact on health professionals and parents or patients.  We will go on to look at the triggers for such conflicts, the pathway of escalation and warning signs at each stage. This approach reflects teaching at the Evelina Resolution Project. The final part of the workshop will outline a practical approach to managing emerging conflicts, using a template being piloted at the Evelina and will end with a short feedback and a Q&A session.



Sarah is the founder of The Medical Mediation Foundation, a not for profit organization providing mediation and decision-support for health professionals and families. She is currently Director of the Evelina Resolution Project, a two year project piloting the use of mediation and conflict management training at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. Sarah is an accredited mediator, vice-chair of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Clinical Ethics Committee, and has an MA in medical ethics and law from King’s College London. She was previously an award-winning BBC Health and Social Affairs correspondent , working for network news and the “Panorama” programme and has more than 20 years experience of working with medical teams, patients and families.


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