Challenging questions and ethical obligations: the ethics of everyday practice > 21 January 2015

Hilary Engward


The education of healthcare ethics is grounded in the assumption that we can speak meaningfully to healthcare professionals about the ethics inherent in their profession. Education, however, is not a neutral process through which undisputed knowledge is mediated, but involves implicit and explicit choices about what knowledge is considered to be worthwhile. This paper will present findings from research that explores the complex relationship between how knowledge about healthcare ethics is known about and used by the academic/educator in health professional education. In particular, the content develops insight into how ideas about the purpose of healthcare ethics are mediated in the educational context, and advocates a reflexive stance to question how knowledge is developed and translated by the academic in relation to their educational practices.



Dr Hilary Engward is a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University and research interests in health care ethics in the health professions.


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