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The third Business Stories event with Kevin Craig

Last Friday the Ministry of Sound’s CEO Lohan Presencer returned to interview another alumni student of the University of Southampton Kevin Craig, CEO of PLMR. After growing up in South London in a school where being academically inclined wasn’t viewed as a positive by peers (and throwing chairs in the classroom was common), Kevin didn’t believe he had the grades to go to university so almost accepted an apprenticeship in graphics. Continue reading →

Business Stories with Gerard Grech

Today I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Business Stories’ session, which involved Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry of Sound, interviewing Gerard Grech the CEO of Tech City, who has an interesting portfolio of work experience to say the least! It was my job was to live tweet the event which was great, as this was the first time I had ever provided live coverage of an event such as this one. Continue reading →

Web Science goes Down Under

Melbourne - RMIT University We arrived in Melbourne on Saturday evening. On Sunday a few of us visited the lively streets of Melbourne to get some sun, street arts, and diverse food to overcome the jet-lag. We refuged in coffee shops to benefit from the countless flow of coffee and decent Wi-Fi. On Monday, we headed to RMIT where Professor Susan Halford was presenting her work, “Speaking Sociologically with Big Data: Symphonic social science and the future for big data research”. Continue reading →

Judith Clegg impresses at first Business Stories event

Business Stories is a new series of lunchtime networking events with high profile speakers led by Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry of Sound. I was particularly interested in attending this series of talks because I personally love hearing about the journey that successful business people have taken to get to the positions they’re in now. Learning to code on a Tandy computer by her father at just 7 years old, Judith created some deep roots with technology at an early age. Continue reading →

WSI Lunch Seminar: Data Literacy

Last week at our regular WSI lunch event, two of the guest editors of the Journal of Community of Informatics Special Issue on Data Literacy, Johanna Walker and Mark Frank, presented an overview of the journal and talked about some of their own adventures in data literacy that had brought them to the subject. In the first part of the talk they discussed approaches to defining data literacy. Continue reading →

Web Science students interview Vice Chancellor

Web Science undergraduates and Student Digital Champions Tom Davidson and Tom Rowledge, together with Education PhD students Sharifa Al'Adawi and Abdulsalam Almanthari, recently interviewed the Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Christopher Snowden. The objective was to raise awareness of the Researching Assessment Practices (RAP) strategy and encourage more students to participate in the project. Continue reading →