Sustainability Action Blog


7 ways to make a sustainable start to the year

By Julia Kendal |


At Southampton, we bring our students and staff together to deliver ground-breaking and award winning sustainability initiatives. Here’s seven ways you can play your part, starting today:

  1. Switch off – remember to switch off computers and lights when you’re not using them. Our annual Blackout event – run by more than 250 volunteers – highlights the positive impact that our collective small actions can have every day.
  2. Recycle – we operate a two bin system in halls and on campus, which helped us recycle a whopping 70% of our waste last year. That’s one bin for food and another bin for everything else (except pesky things like glass bottles and batteries – more about those here).
  3. Travel sustainably – use unilink buses, walk or cycle to get around the city and the surrounding areas. We host regular bike check and repair events on campus.
  4. Live local – if you’ve just moved into halls, look out for the Live Local map in your kitchen. It helps you find the best local ethical cafes, restaurants and shop as well as cultural highlights in Southampton and Winchester.
  5. Take time out – your wellbeing is important. Discover the green spaces in and around campus such as Valley GardensSouthampton Common or Winnall Moors on campus when you need to take a break from your studies.
  6. Volunteer – we run events such as Blackout and Waste Wars throughout the year. Find us on Facebook or email to get involved.
  7.  Give us your ideas – share your ideas that will reduce the University’s carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of our campuses. Send us your ideas.

To find out more and get involved, find the Sustainability team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.