Autonomous Robotic Systems


AETHER – Tethered Observation Platform

By Stephen Prior |

AETHER – A joint project between the University of Southampton and Cardinal Security Ltd, to develop a tethered UAS will be presented and exhibited at the SkyTech Conference and Exhibition on 24th April 2015 at the Business Design Centre, London.


SkyTech 2015 is a one-day event serving as a platform to define, understand and ultimately integrate UAVs into the commercial sector. SkyTech is completely free to attend and will bring together over 1000 attendees from a range of targeted industries. SkyTech features an exhibition, 2 conferences and a series of workshop sessions. With key changes to the industry taking place over the coming months SkyTech aims to provide knowledge transfer, facilitate partnerships and provide a forum to navigate the most complex debates emerging out of the industry. Leading manufacturers, component suppliers, software companies, service providers, existing & prospective end users, UAV associations and academics will come together at this UAV marketplace to provide updates on the latest technology, showcase industry products, and drive forward innovation within the commercial UAV sector.