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Student Dashboard v0.1 responsive design

About a year ago I started a blog post on here about taking a completely unresponsive, non-mobile-friendly set of style sheets and making them responsive. I got a fair way in, and wrote about 1500 words describing my methodology. However,

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Seriously, Visual Studio?

Last week Pat gave a workshop about using vim as your programming text editor. In it, he mentioned that vim has branching undo; that is (hold on now, this is complicated) if you undo and start typing again, if you

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Oracle Databases

Yesterday, I was given access to the data cache held by iSolutions here. Well, a view on to it. And it doesn’t have every piece of data we requested (first name, last name, e-mail address, faculty, supervisor, degree title, year

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Privacy by Indolence

I know it doesn’t have the same dactylic rhyme as “security through obscurity”, but the discussion we led at #cetis12 really drove home to me the fact that a lot of people rely on the laziness of others to remain

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Whose data is it anyway? #rminhe discussion at #cetis12

An hour ago our #rminhe cluster group presented in one of the parallel sessions on the first day of the JISC CETIS conference.  The session was entitled Issues around Using Data to Improve Student Retention and our team from Southampton

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Service vs Product

Mid-November saw another Service Design event led by Lauren Currie of Snook, this time at Aston University in Birmingham. Service Design is a methodology for creating services that are more appropriate for the people that will actually be using them;

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Enterprise Architecture Modelling

At the beginning of November I was lucky enough to be sent to St. Andrews for the JISC CETIS 2nd ArchiMate Modelling Bash. As a computer scientist and software engineer, I’ve done a fair amount of modelling during the design

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User Stories

One of the outputs of interviewing the stakeholders was that we have developed some user stories to describe the thoughts of the stakeholders.  A user story takes the following form: “As a <role>, I want <goal/desire> so that <benefit>” As

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Stakeholder Analysis

I imagine you’re wondering where we’ve got to with the Student Dashboard, aren’t you? In my plan of action last blog, I mentioned the stakeholder analysis we are performing, which is an initial part of the agile co-design process we

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Introducing the Student Dashboard

I have been asked to introduce myself and the project I am on. Hi, I’m Rikki. I am currently finishing my PhD and working on a JISC funded project called the “Southampton Student Dashboard”.  I have blogged a bit before

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