Shlomowitz and Knoop CD Launch in Germany

Lecturer in Composition Matthew Shlomowitz reports back after a recent trip to Germany:

Knoop Hamburg photoIn January 2014 Mark Knoop (Turner Sims New Music Fellow) and I travelled to Germany for concerts in Berlin and Hamburg to mark the release of Mark’s CD on the Belgian label Sub Rosa. The CD features two large-scale works for piano and pre-recorded sound by Austrian composer Peter Ablinger and myself.

The Berlin concert took place in the Listeners Studio, a series of concerts organised by the lovely Freddy Knop and Andrew Noble – a nice connection: Andrew did his masters in composition at the University of Southampton in 2005 before moving to Berlin do a musicological PhD on the work of Czech composer Anton Reicha (1770 – 1836). The concert went well and it was particularly nice that Peter Ablinger was present.

The next morning Mark and I set off for the Hamburg School of Music and Theatre (German inter-city rail is impressive!) where Mark performed that evening in the Theater im Zimmer. I gave a presentation about my work after the concert and there was some interesting discussion about the incorporation of theatrical aspects within musical performance. We are grateful to the composer Alexander Schubert for organising the event as part of the Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg.

It is still early days for the CD, but we are pleased that tracks have already been broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s ‘Hear and Now’ and ‘Late Junction’ programmes.