Mar 31

STACS are pleased to announce two new trial deployments in the Computing Labs:

  1. Ubuntu!
  2. DPP – the Distributed Print Project

You may have noticed some of the lab Linux workstations have become a bit purple. This is because we’re trialling a build of Ubuntu Maverick as a replacement for the ageing RedHat 5 install in labs. It’s not completely finished yet, but most stuff should work. Give it a try and tell us how you get on! All bug reports to the STACS office, please.

We’ve also got the trial of a brand-new scheme for making better use of lab space, in the form of the (rather formally named) Distributed Print Project. Tired of fighting to get to the colour printers? Wish there was more room in labs? Look no further, for we may have the solution. The trial will be running tomorrow morning (we can’t guarantee it’ll run any longer than a day, as we’re nearing coursework handin time). Try out Duplat and let us know!

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