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A project update from the UK: African antelope

Tom While some of us have been lucky enough to escape the British weather and go abroad for our fieldwork, the rest of us have been getting stuck into our projects here in the UK. As my research is primarily desk based, I was one of those that stayed behind but that certainly didn’t mean […]

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Bonjour de la Tunisie! (Part Two)

Kezia The focus of my research project is to release a group of Tunisian Spur-thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca nabeulensis) back into their native range of Tunisia. Testudo graeca nabeulensis is an endemic species, threatened by illegal collection for both the local and international pet trade and food markets. Following repatriation to Tunisia, all seized tortoises […]

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Bonjour de la Tunisie! (Part One)

Holly My research project is focused on assessing the diet and resource use of two wild canids, the golden jackal (Canis Aureus) and the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) situated within the semi-arid landscapes of southern Tunisia. I will be comparing the local ecology of these two sympatric carnivores throughout four national parks. Marwell Wildlife has […]

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