Mar 08

Interesting Statistics

To start us off then, here are some interesting statistics that we recently gathered:

  • Our data centre holds around 1500 servers, over half of which are virtual machines.
  • Our primary filestore cluster holds over 126TB of data, of which 90TB is user files, 27TB is shared/resource data, and 7TB is backups. On an average week, at peak times, there are over 10,000 connections open.
  • The primary filestore cluster contains over 85 million files, 75% of which are less than 128KB.
  • Our backup infrastructure backs up up to 17TB of changed data every day, totaling up to over 3 Petabytes every year!
  • The tape robot in the tape library travels over 600 miles every year (the equivalent of flying from Lands End to John o’ Groats)
  • Over 40 million e-mails are delivered every year – a further 247 million e-mails are blocked by spam filtering.
  • On average, Thursday is the busiest day of the week for e-mail, whilst Monday is the quietest day of the working week.
  • Our virtual infrastructure has roughly 10TB of RAM and 153TB of storage.
  • At peak times on an average week, there are about 1,000 people logged in to SUSSED.

I’m sure there will be more to come – stay tuned!

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