Nov 06

Spam Filtering Update

We’ve had a full month of our new edge SMTP service in place now so I thought I’d do a very quick post taking a look at how well it had performed in the last four weeks. Firstly the positive:

  • 190,203 (!) attempts to send messages without authenticating
  • A sum total of 430,431 (!!!) attempts to brute force passwords
  • 2,022 IP address automatically banned (in addition to the 213,809 we block anyway)
  • The 2,022 IPs were blocked a total of 69,459 times
  • 28 detected compromised accounts – this is the fewest in a month since April
  • Only two compromised accounts in the last week of October – the fewest in a week since April 7th
  • No new blacklistings for any any outbound mail server!
  • SenderScore reputation >95% on all outbound mail servers

It’s not all positive though – there’s still some things to improve:

  • Approximately 559 spam messages managed to get through the new service from about five spam attacks (this number is actually very low – we’d previously have done this in under half an hour)
  • A similar number of e-mails and attacks from other non-SMTP methods
  • A number of false-positive detections on accounts. We’re working on fixing these now.

The outlook (somewhat unintentional pun) is positive though. Let’s see what November brings!


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