Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides what book is chosen for One Book, One Southampton?

The Vice-President (Research & Enterprise) leads a University project group which chooses the book and meets regularly to plan and develop the OBOS initiative. The group includes members of the academic community, representatives from Professional Services, and the President of SUSU.

What process is undertaken in deciding the book?

The project group discuss a range of books that fit into our criteria:

  • Readability and potential to engage a diverse set of people
  • Relevance to students, staff and wider society
  • Sufficient depth and scope to generate lively discussions from different points of view
  • Likelihood that it will be ‘new’ to many people
  • Connection to one or more institutional initiatives or strengths

Could I put forward a suggestion for the next book as part of this initiative?

Yes, we would be delighted to hear from you regarding options for future books as part of OBOS. Please email onebook@soton.ac.uk with your suggestion.

Is participation in OBOS compulsory for students and staff?

Not at all, there is no compulsion on anyone to read the book. This is an entirely voluntary activity, but we do hope that you will get involved and join the debate.

I have an event that I would like to run in conjunction with OBOS, how do I go about telling people about it?

We would be delighted to hear from you, and will happily advertise your event on this website and in other relevant OBOS communications, if your event links to the themes and issues in the current book. Please email onebook@soton.ac.uk with the details.

I have a question related to this initiative, who should I contact?

Please email onebook@soton.ac.uk with your question.