Google Analytics and University of Southampton Blackboard service

Google Analytics (GA) is turned on within a number of MLE sites including Blackboard and Panopto. In the interest of openness we will share a number of pieces of analytical data with the community.

For Blackboard these stats are:

  1. Unique Visitors / Page Views
  2. Engagement
  3. Browsers
  4. Operating System
  5. Language (of the operating system)
  6. Location (Country)
  7. Location (City)
  8. Referrals (How people reached Blackboard)
  9. Keywords typed into Search Engines to find our Blackboard service
  10. Network / Internet Service Provider used to access our Blackboard service

This data does not include those users who block Google Analytics. If you wish to stop your web usage from being tracked by Google Analytics and other web bugs and trackers install Ghostery

Note that these stats are not for the complete month as GA was only enabled on 7 July 2013.

Key insights:

  • most users access Blackboard direct.  More people use a search engine to find Blackboard than access it via Sussed.
  • IE is still the most popular browser.  This is probably because IE is the default browser in Public Workstation areas.  We prefer to use Firefox or Chrome.
  • Even in this quiet month there is plenty of usage of Blackboard all around the world.