The Future

Many African cities are growing rapidly and demand for water resources is constantly changing. By understanding the urbanisation process we aim to improve future planning and increase the proportion of the population that have access to safe water.

Groundwater and future land use scenarios

Villagers filling containers from a piped water supply

Villagers fill containers from a piped water supply Photo: Steve Pedley

Due to the expansion of African towns and cities, use of water resources is rapidly changing. Statistical work suggests that for many cities, the pattern of urbanisation is quite unpredictable, making it hard to plan for the future.

To explore the different urbanisation pathways that Kisumu could take, we intend to use a technique often used in management studies known as scenario planning. This technique involves developing scenarios of how land use could change based on plausible future sequences of events. As a result, we hope to be in a position to be able to inform future water resource planning leading up to the year 2030.

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