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Anyone had any ideas on the best way to find the core text books for your disciplines?Ā  If you have a contact who has studied the discipline that seems like the obvious route, but what if you haven’t? I tried:

Go to library by subject

This is great for pointing you at databases of journals but not so hot for basic textbooks.

Search Webcat for subject + introduction

Better … .Ā  My two disciplines are marketing and either film studies or journalism. It worked quite well for marketingĀ  and film studies – only about 10 to choose from – although they were mostly on loan.Ā  Not so well forĀ  journalism – not at all obvious which were solid introductions to the subject.

Search on Amazon for subject + introduction

Again worked OK for marketingĀ  and film studies – the comments allowed me to confirm theĀ  books in the library were good choices.Ā  Journalism produced a rather long list and it was hard to tell which were good and also how to get hold of them without spending large amounts.

Looks like it is going to film studies!

Research question:

Something on the lines of:

How do scientists use the web to communicate with the public

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