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CyberWarfare – General Study   no comments

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This week I decided to increase my understanding of CyberWarfare in general. I have read several articles and reports;  and, I have watched several videos on this issue from my IGOOGLE News feed.

Things that I found interesting: Adam Segal is a Senior Fellow on the council of foreign relations. He talks about attacks on other people’s infrastructure, websites, espionage, copyrights and so forth. As society we are mainly concerned with identity theft and someone taking our credit cards, however, in some places the individuals that get hold of this information are often used by the state for political reasons.  For example, attacks on Estonia. Some had relations to the Russian mafia. Similarly, attacks by Google were considered routine by security experts. It has been reported that China has been continuously trying to hack into GMAIL accounts of human rights activists.

 It raises the notion as to how much the Chinese government has gained from CyberWarfare thus far if “amateur hackers” with surreptitious affiliations with the state are blamed.

 According to Cyber experts, the criminals attack GMAIL accounts by a tactic known as “phishing” claiming to come from someone the user knows and trust. This highlights how easy it can be for individuals to get involved in releasing highly sensitive information without ever knowing. Therefore, for next week, I plan to learn more about understanding Computer Science and the common Cyber methods used compare it to my understanding of Moral Philosophy.

Written by cmh206 on November 15th, 2010