Recruiting Romanian students for ECS

Romanian students are amongst the most prominent international groups in ECS. Over recent years they have made a strong and distinctive contribution to student life in ECS and also gained excellent jobs on graduation. When I was asked to give a presentation on our Computer Science degrees as part of the University’s presence at one of the biggest education exhibitions in Romania, I immediately thought of including information about some of our Romanian graduates.

I contacted Alexandru and Ruxandra, who both work for FactSet, and Adrian, who works for J P Morgan (both ECS Laureate companies). They all provided me with excellent feedback, stressing the importance of the quality of their experience at ECS, including not only the value of the education programme, but also the support from other students and the friendships they had made, as well as the opportunity to be involved with potential employers from an early stage in their degree programmes.

Over the two days of the exhibition in early October the University stand received a constant stream of enquiries about Computer Science, I was interviewed on Romanian national television, and about 50 students and their parents attended the presentation (some pictured here!). We are now contacting all the students we met to provide them with further information, and hope to see many of them enrolling on our degree programmes over the next few years.

Romanian students 2

Among the information I’ll be sending the students is the link to a couple of great videos: and, made by an intern at FactSet, over the summer, featuring Alexandru and Ruxandra, and also Ash, another of our ECS graduates, who joined the company three years ago. It’s very good to see them all thriving in the City of London. FactSet recruits a number of our students each year to graduate roles and internships, and provides support to student life through society sponsorship and project prizes.

For further confirmation of the excellent quality of our Romanian students, over the last weekend ECS students took part in the annual global IEEE Xtreme Challenge event, in which teams all over the world compete in a 24-hour challenge to solve as many coding problems as possible. ECS – with the help of some of our Romanian students, Dragos and Ioanou, did outstandingly well in the competition. Results are still to be verified and officially announced. We look forward to telling you more about this success in the near future!