Entrepreneur First visits Fish on Toast!

ECS graduate Nick Angeli returned to the University on Thursday evening to give a presentation to students as part of the Entrepreneur First team.

Over 100 students were present at the event organized by Fish on Toast, the student entrepreneurs society, as part of their ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ series.

Entrepreneur First is particularly applicable to students since it was specifically set up to help people start companies when they leave university – ‘It’s a start-up for start-ups’, said Chief Executive, Matt Clifford,’which wants to help the UK’s most talented students build businesses.’


Matt gave a very relevant presentation, full of advice and encouragement for any student entrepreneur, and stressed that Entrepreneur First was an opportunity that was particularly good for people who hadn’t necessarily decided on their business venture: ‘You don’t need a team and you don’t need an idea,’ he said.

He also warned that ‘vision’ of the kind that the media has elevated as a key factor in tech start-ups isn’t required – ‘But entrepreneurship is a niche activity,’ he warned: ‘Few people want to be entrepreneurs and few should be!’

Nick Angeli joined Entrepreneur First earlier this summer and is currently developing his start-up company, Weave http://www.weave.com He presented the idea to the audience and explained how Entrepreneur First was helping him progress the idea and develop his business.

Many ECS students are members of Fish on Toast, with Alejandro Saucedo, Izi Flajsman and Vlad Velici all serving as committee members. The important of technology for start-ups is underlined by the close link between HackaSoton, partly based in ECS, and the Fish on Toast programme.