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Career Planning


Staff Development Policy

The University recognises that its most important single resource is the quality of its staff, and is committed to the development of this key resource.


The University recognises staff development has three key purposes:

– To enable staff to meet the requirements and expectation of their School/Professional Service Strategic Plan and the University Strategic Plan.

– To enable staff to make a full contribution to the work of their School/Professional Service Group.

– To enable staff to develop their effectiveness, to increase job satisfaction and achieve their potential.


Further information on the Staff Development Policy can be found on the Professional Development Unit website.


The University: 

– recognises that the development of its staff is an essential component of meeting its Vision and expects all staff as an indicative target, to spent at least 2% of their time taking part in some form of staff development. The driver for staff development will always be need, not time allocation, to enable staff to feel confident in the duties they perform.

– will support initiatives to encourage under represented groups to take part in staff development opportunities. All staff development events will be conducted within the framework of the University’s Equality and Diversity Policies.

– will ensure resources are available to meet the priorities of the annual University Staff Development Plan.



Individuals have a responsibility and obligation to take full advantage of staff development activities, to ensure activities are appropriate to their needs before taking part, and to share/use new learning in their work.