More about the project: budget & timescales

As we enter our second month of the project, here’s a little more background.

The project is funded to the tune of £10k. iSolutions work on integrating ORCID with our systems will account for £5k, with another £2k for work on ePrints. The remaining £3k will cover staff costs in the Library related to management of the project.  The cost of ORCID membership will be borne separately by the Library.

Timescales are tight and we are currently looking at the best ways to roll out ORCID membership and beginning to engage with the acdemic community to raise awareness of the project.

Task name Duration Start Finish
Investigate ID roll out options 43 days 01/05/14 30/06/14
Deliver ID roll out 66 days 01/07/14 30/09/14
ORCID examples in HR database 89 days 01/07/14 31/01/15
ORCID examples in ePrints 89 days 01/07/14 31/10/14
Engagement with NCS 176 days 02/06/14 31/01/15
Engagement with all researchers 176 days 02/06/14 31/01/15
Engagement with group 176 days 02/06/14 31/01/15
Coms with other projects/wider community 198 days 01/05/14 31/01/15
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