Hypertext 2010

I’m currently looking into going to Hypertext 2010. The conference has a history of engaging and esoteric research and attracts some of the leading researchers in social web and adaptive hypermedia systems.

This year it will be held in Toronto, Canada which is a super location. The conference seems particularly relevent this year since for the first time they will be running a strand targetting learning and teaching systems. If I go I will be looking to see what ideas could be used to add further dimensions to EdShare and get a better understanding of how we can enhance the social and collaborative aspects of the software. It will also be great to meet a new community and get some fresh ideas for future projects.

As a secondary agenda I also intend to get an idea of the lay of the land since this could be a good arena to present results and findings from my personal project reading.ecs.soton.ac.uk (sorry those who cant get behind the firewall). It is a community system for collecting internal knowledge to try and help ECS learn more about the research it does. I intend to be launching it in the next few weeks in the hope that I will have some initial results before the conference.

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